I collect many kinds of art materials: color pencils, watercolor pencils, oil pastels, pan watercolors, acrylics, oils, etc. They all follow the same system of organization based in the color wheel.

This system provides me with some consistency when I change mediums. Yes, I’m trying to make my life a little less complicated and also more productive.

I try to always have warm and cool basic colors and start with the yellows, continue with oranges, reds, purples, blues, greens, earth, gray and black. White can go at the beginning or at the end, this changes according to the medium and if I’m arranging my colors in a palette or in a box.

This is a video showing how I do my arranging of colors using color pencils and other materials.

Products used:
Albrecht Durer 36 Watercolor Pencil Set Box

Prima Marketing Oil Pastel Assorted Color Crayons (Box of 24)

Set  36 colors Staedtler Dilshan watercolor pencil

Sakura 30068 8-Piece Pigma Micron Assorted Colors 01 Ink Pen Set

This is my video in Spanish. Video en Español: