Glenda Castillo was originally an attorney before she moved to Florida with her husband and her two children. From that point on, she dedicated her time entirely to raising her children and supporting her family.

Once both of her children went to school, she obtained an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. At this time, she traveled to Europe to learn more about the great masters of art and to experience their masterpieces for inspiration. As she was exploring Rome, Venice, London and many areas of Spain, she had the opportunity to visit museums, churches and monuments that became part of her inspiration.

Besides great works of art, another source that inspires her is nature with the magic of color and shape involved in every flower, bird, and wondrous insect.

She eventually found that painting and photography were not only a talent for her, but something that she greatly enjoyed doing, something that engrossed her and provided an immense feeling of satisfaction. Glenda says, “To me, the real meaning of making art is to express myself, my heart, my emotions, my energy on a piece of paper or canvas.”

She adds, “I hope my positive message of life reaches you and all who are blessed with your expressions of love.”