Watercolor boxes are made from different materials: wood, metal, plastic, and each hold a purpose. Some watercolor boxes are a work of art by themselves. I love to see them, touch them and some times use them for their intended purpose. Mostly, I admire them and make my day happier just to own some.

Metal boxes are usually black but there are also the brass ones. For many years, I admired those but I didn’t have the budget to justify their purchase. That was until I found the Frazer Price Brass Watercolor Box.

There are two options available:

  1. Frazer Price: Brass Watercolor Box Empty
  2. Frazer Price: Brass Watercolor Box with 12 Half Pans plus 6 empty Pans.

These are the characteristics of this beautiful brass box:

  • Holds up to 18 half pans or 9 full pans of color. You can change the pans very easily allowing you to customize this palette and making it optimal for different plein air trips.
  • White enameled mixing trays (not the plastic ones that can get easily stained).
  • Can be used free-standing, using the clasp; but also as a thumb held palette.
  • Produced with an electro plated brass finish for surface protection and to make it shiny.
  • Weights approx. 300 grams.
  • Measures 4.37 x 2.60 in (111 x 67 mm) Depth 1.77 in (45 mm).
  • It also has an accessible compartment for a water bottle (the water bottle is included) and two (super cute) water wells.
  • All compartments can be easily removed for cleaning in warm soapy water.

These boxes are a reproduction of the originals sold as antiques, the antique ones are very costly, making these more affordable boxes, a wonderful option to have a piece of history in your hands.

I bought mine from Jackson’s Art. The delivery to the US was 7 days, the box was well packed.

I’m so happy to own one. For the moment, it will be on my desk, as a beautiful work of art until I decide to add paint and take it with me to a new adventure.

If you buy one using my links, I will get some points with Jackson’s Art. Thank you!