Seyes Notebook

I like lettering and calligraphy but I didn’t want to print and print pages using my printer. For me and for others, I created this notebook. This is a French-ruled practice notebook, known also as Seyè, featuring an 8mm by 8mm grid with lighter horizontal lines spaced 2 mm apart. The lines can help you to practice perfect circles, also letter formation and spacing between letters.

I also Included with this edition:

• French Complete Alphabet: Lowercase and Uppercase

• Elegant Block Complete Alphabet: Lowercase and Uppercase

• Very specific rules on how to use this notebook with the included alphabets.

This is a helpful tool for children and adults. It contains 230 pages 8.5” X 11”, so plenty to practice and practice without printing.

To get this book visit Amazon just click on the image for the book or in the link.

If you prefer to get the book in a digital form, please go to the following link: