Iwatercolor in a tin

watercolor in a tinI have a certain “addiction” to small watercolor palettes. I also like to make them myself, discover how to make a small, efficient and lightweight box. So, here I go again, experimenting with different tins this time. I chose a very small mint tin, a medium from Trader Joe’s and a larger one that contained delicious chocolate and wine chips.

I also used

ACTIVA La Doll Premier Natural Air Dry Stone Clay 10.5 ounce (300g)  

This is a very light weight stone clay that has the advantage to be air dry and with a very smooth finish.

I also used Liquitex Gloss Acrylic Fluid Medium and Varnish to brush on the clay once it was dry.

I explain all the details in this video:

And this one in Spanish:

Enjoy the process and let me know if you have any question about it. I really like the big one because I can add a brush, pen, pencil, erase and other small things inside. I like the green one because of the weight, it is very light and portable.

Share your images if you make your own little watercolor tin.