This is a very portable watercolor half pan set.  It Weighs about 3.8 ounces and the size dimensions are: 4.5” x 3.5” x 0.875”. Inside you can find also a lid cover with 3 small and 2 bigger compartments that can be used as mixing palette.

The colors that come with this travel kit are:

These 12 colors can be combined and mixed with each other to create variations in tone and value. I made my own chart of different shades of greens, oranges, violets using only the colors provided in this set. This is my experiment:

First, I drew the box using a Micron Pen also from Sakura. This pen doesn’t react with water so I can use it with watercolors without worries.

Then, I drew the boxes for the colors and with a clean brush I painted the swatches. Things got more exciting when I started to experiment the marriage of two colors and the product of the combination of them. I used a brush to add one color to the paper and another color next to it. Carefully, I dragged the second color to the first one and when they got together they produced a new color.

The results were different depending of the temperature of the colors used. Surprisingly, red and blue not always produce purple. Also, the variations of green that we can get are amazing.

Here is my page with the results:

And this is the video about my experiment: Happy painting!