Collecting watercolor palettes it’s not a new hobby for me. One challenge is to find the smallest palette that I can carry daily in my purse without being too heavy. The smallest watercolor palette that I have is a Winsor and Newton Sketcher. This is very small but still I was challenging myself to find a smaller size.

Sketcher's Pocket Box Set

Since I couldn’t find any in the market with a price that I was willing to pay for, I decided to make my own using an eye shadow box.

The first thing after finding the box is to clean it. Taking the powder from the wells is pretty easy. Then, I proceeded to wash it with water and a brush, making sure all the powder was gone.

dsc_0110 dsc_0111 dsc_0114 dsc_0115

I wanted to increment the spaces where I could add my paints, so I made some divisions inside the wells using chipboard. I cut the chipboard and pasted the pieces down with glue.

Just to make sure everything was waterproof, I brushed some varnish on top of the chipboard divisions.

I also painted the lid in both sides with white paint in order to use it as blending surface for my paints.

When everything was dried, I added the pigments from the paint tubes. My next post will be Adding Colors to the Palette.

The following is a video explaining the process. Enjoy a colorful life!


Glenda Castillo