First, we need to ask ourselves some questions:

1. Is this a road trip or by plane?

This is my first question since I can carry many supplies if I will travel by car. If I will be travelling by plane, things are more complicated. You have to make sure everything is according to the TSA rules. After deciding what you want to bring you have to decide what are your bringing in your carry-on and what is going to be checked.

All my delicate stuff goes in the carry-on:

  • My pochade box. I have a Guerrilla Painter Box
Guerrilla Painter Cigar Box V 2.0

Guerrilla Painter Cigar Box V 2.0.

I don’t have the heart to put it on the checked suitcase.

  • Watercolor supplies: watercolor pages or block, paints squeezed in palette or travel set, brushes with water reservoirs, pens for sketching and journaling, tape, 2 clips to hold the pages while painting, small water sprayer, old credit card to apply paint and a small sponge. I also bring selected colors of watercolor pencils.
  • Baby Wipes

All the other supplies go checked:

  • Acrylic or water soluble oil paints in zip lock plastic bags. I pack each one with light padding and information about the pigments. Add also a label “WATERCOLOR PIGMENTS” or “ARTIST PIGMENTS” to the bags.
  • Brushes and palette knife (plastic is better).
  • Palette, canvas boards/ canvas papers/ watercolor papers, collapsible water cup.
  • Tripod (optional)

2. How many days I will be travelling?

I don’t want to bring too many supplies or too little. I have fun also buying things at my destination.

3. Will I be sharing time with family/friends?

Sometimes we want to make art while travelling but it is difficult when visiting and wanting to spend time with family or friends.

4. How much weight can I carry for a long period?

Consider the weight of your supplies and if you are going to feel comfortable carrying them. Things seem to get heavier after a few hours of carrying them.

About how many paints you should take is up to you but I recommend a limited palette of only 6 paint colors.

Oh! and don’t forget the hat and a digital camera!

The most important: have lots of fun 🙂

Glenda Castillo